Monday, February 11, 2013

More Fish in the Sea

Been pretty busy week with appointment, evening with friends and a little mini vacation. 
This is the first chance I have had to really sit down and finally finish off the Nemo section of my book.

Gill was little more difficult mainly because he is white. I find it very hard to draw a white object on white paper.  

Above is once again my version and then one to the right is the book version.

While on my mini vacation this weekend, we stopped and visited a Banes and Noble. I decided I would pick up some mini blank moleskin books, so that I may have them in my purse to practice sketching. I only have three characters left in my book before I  start on the Favorite Princesses  Learn to Draw book. So I thought in these little books I could practice my faces, or parts of faces at least. 
   Some of the mouths are just me trying mouths and some are from the Favorite Princesses Learn to Draw book.  They are different Belle expressions; such as frightened, worried, surprised, and happy.  The eyes are from the frighten expression. 

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