Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The reason I never took an art class!

One of the reasons why I have never and probably will never take an art class is because I can not relish the thought of someone telling me I am not doing it right, Or that I must do something a certain way. Todays set of pictures, is a great example of what the Lesson wanted me to do verses what I wanted to do!

 I am down to only a few more drawings from Learn to Draw Celebrated Characters Collection. I had ever intention to NOT do the Nemo section.  I just did not like how these fish are drawn.
As I came up on my 50th page  in my sketchbook I thought maybe I would do all of the Nemo characters on one page.
As I started I realized I just could not do what the book wanted me to. So I did my own. After doing my own I thought what the heck lets see what happens if I try it the book way.

In the first set of pictures below'; the  picture on the top is what the book had and the one below is my own design while looking at a picture from the movie.

I was hoping when I colorer them, Marlin would look a little better. I know they do not look like the actual characters. I can see Nemo a little, but his dad is not right. That said I am still kind of proud of the fact that I was able to make a face on a fish. I think I am gaining more confidence in my faces. Although I still have a long way to go. Below is the colored version. I probably should of waited to get the right color orange but in the pictures they do not look too bad. In person the color is just a little off. 

Page 50!!!!!

Page 51
Now that I am looking at these side by side. Even though I know my Marlin does not look right I think he is a heck of lot closer then they one from the book. ;) Nemo is cute no mater what.

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