Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trying something different

Well I took a little step away from the characters. 
I purchased a non Disney art book. Well okay it is not 100% no Disney the author actually once worked for Disney. (It always has the Disney touch right? lol.)

Anyway, I got this book because I like the idea of maybe trying to draw items in the park. So I thought it might help me to get an idea on how to draw structures. So of course I had to start with the only thing that makes sense, The Castle! 

I actually started the castle a few pages into a new sketchbook, because I had an idea for an opening page. Thanks to the Iphone ap Disenyland Resort 2013 Photo of the Day I was inspired to try to draw this item.

Even though it looked pretty straight forward I found it a little more challenging. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what the bell was. Also because of my paper and the fact I drew this a little low I felt I needed to add a bit more. 

So with a little research I found that the one item was actually the bell and the line in the back that looked like telephone line to me, was the cord to pull the bell. Once I knew what it was it made it easier for me to draw.

I am considering coloring this. Disney to me is very colorful. But I am afraid of messing it up if I add color. In the mean time I did at least ad some black out line and shaded in the tunnel.  However, I messed up and forgot I was going to make this my opening page. I ended up putting it on page 4 behind the castle.

So, I needed to go back and do the beginning pages.  I thought about what is the first thing you see when you go to the park?

 The sign welcoming you!  So with a little internet research I found the oldest sign I could find and decided to do that. My plan is, on the next page to do a more modern sign. But not the most recent as that is my least favorite. This sign is the one I remember when I was little when I would come for vacation. 

In person I was really liking this drawing. However, when I see it as a photograph I can see how amateur it looks. First off letters are hard! And all those long poles, to get a straight line is not easy. I considered using a ruler  However I decided that my sketches are not an exact photo of the item, they are my interpretation of the item. So I decided that using a ruler takes away that part. I want to be able to draw with as little tools as needed. A sketch book,  a holder for pencil, sharpener and eraser is all I want to have to carry around. Of course endless colored pencils are good too. ;) But those I do not carry around with me as much.

This is my favorite on the go supply case. It wraps around my sketch book it is thin and easy to put in my purse. In the little Velcro pocket is my sharpener. The back zipper compartment can expand if you need more stuff.  I bought this at Amazon and I am considering getting another, so that I can have one on each sketch book. 

In the above picture on the left the case is a perfect fit on the XL Mix Media Canson [My items in the park sketch book]. The one on the right it on the Universal Sketch from Canson [My character sketch book].  This one you can see the band that wraps around. 
(Below are the books without the case.)

Another favorite case I have is just for my colored pencils. I currently have 63 of the 150 available. And I still find at times there are colors I am missing to do just the right picture.  So I keep adding to my collection. Some day I'll have the complete set and will need a bigger case and this one is almost full as you can see.
Shown standing up so you can see both sides.

Shown Closed.

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