Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Trip to Disneyland December 28th

After completing Alice I then started this Cheshire Cat.

It was the next day that my daughter and I went to Disneyland. I took my art supplies with me and continued working on the Cheshire Cat.  We also went to the Animation Academy at Disney California and instead of using their paper I used my sketch pad. The first class was Phineas and Ferb. And the second class was Agent P. I added a little to Agent P at home later. His hat was to flat to me. And I decided to color Agent P.

After the Academy Show, as per suggestion of my uncle I decided to buy a Learn to Draw. I could not decided which one to buy I know I need to work on faces, so the Princess one seemed like the perfect one to get. However it looked so difficult and I thought the Celebrated Character Collection would be easier. I kept going back and forth and had a hard time deciding. Finally I decided on the Celebrated Character Collection. However my daughter decided to buy the Princess one. But then she turned and told me I could hold on to it and use it as well, so that way I could have both. She is such a sweet girl!

On the way home I decided although the colored pencils my mom gave me are good, I felt I needed a softer core so I went to Michaels and I bought a set of 24 Artist's Loft pencils and a set of Faber-Castell 9000 Artist Graphite Drawing set. It came with a pencil case a full line of graphite pencils in different shades and hardness and sharpener.

My first picture I tried from the learn to draw books was from my daughter's book I tired the first picture of Snowwhite.

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