Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 31st New Year's eve

I tried one more time to draw a princess face from the "Learn to Draw Favorite Princess" book. This time my a tempt was Mulan. I actually started her the day before. She was looking pretty good except for the lips. So I decided to walk away and try again today and maybe just color it. But still not luck those lips are hard.

Next I decided to try Stitch. My daughter says this is one of her favorites that I have done.
Today, I also went back to Michael's again. Besides purchasing the sets of pencils you can buy them individually. So I bought a couple more grey pencils and a Prismacolor Colored Pencil Accessory Set. It has two blenders one is a marker and the other is pencil. It also came with 2 erasers and sharpener and the coolest thing, I think, is the pencil extender for when your pencils get short! (All of my art supplies are thanks to my grandmother for the gift card!!) 

I next made a chart for easy access to know what colors I have. I originally made a chart in the back of my book. As seen on the right side of the picture below. But it was difficult flipping back and forth. Plus I realized as I got new colors it would be hard to add colors. So I decided to make a list of all the colors in Excel and print it out. Then I colored lightly over the name or number of the pencil and then dark in the little box. On the Excel sheet below the left hand side is all the possible Prismacolors available. On the right side of the excel sheet (middle of picture) is the Artist's Loft pencils I had gotten first. I have all of the colors but I only listed the colors I am keeping in my case. As some of the Prismacolors are close to those colors.

Each day I have tried to do two characters that seem difficult or more of a challenge and then for my third page I look for something a bit simpler. My goal is to fill up my sketchbook with all Disney characters and to do all of the characters in my books. At the very beginning of the Learn to Draw Celebrated Characters Collection there are many of the same pictures they teach you to draw at the Animation Academy. Being it was New Years Eve and the family all had a head cold, we were taking it easy. My eleven year old however wanted to stay up till midnight.  I decided to just sit and draw some of the faces from the beginning of the book as we waited for the ball to drop at midnight.

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