Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

On my wish list I had asked for a pencil case that would hold my color pencils. While on the vacation that I had drawn the owls, I found it very difficult to keep my pencils from falling out of the box or rolling off the Airplane tray.  So I found online a great pencil case as well as a set of 75 colored pencils. My mother was kind enough to give me both of these items. Then the day after the Christmas I went and bought myself two sketchbooks.  And I began to draw.
Internet being my friend, I found some pictures to try to draw.  The first was one of the towers of small world decorated for the holidays.

Sticking with the holiday theme I then tried a Minnie Mouse in holiday apparel.

And finally I tried Mickey Mouse full body

 On December 27th I tried to draw both Mickey and Minnie. These are my least favorite and nearly made me quit!

This one however is the one that really boosted my confidence. As I was drawing it I was very pleased with each step. Being afraid I would mess something up I kept taking pictures.
 The hands were a little hard for me to get just right. But the rest was just flowing for me very well.

 And then I decided to start coloring it in. Mainly because I was avoiding doing the face! I was really scared of the face. In the picture below you can see I used the Disney Blog as inspiration.

 I tried practicing on the bottom of a back page and when I felt I could do the face I finally decided to finish it off.  She looks a little worried. Which was how I was feeling!

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