Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vacation is over

My winter vacation is winding down even though I have the weekend yet, however I am back into teaching mode. Which means my drawing time will be shorten.
Friday January 4th I  went into school  for a little while. So I only managed to do two drawings. One easy, I have done this Mickey mouse before at DCA Animation Academy, however it is in the book so I decided to do it anyway. I also tried a very difficult one. I had hard time with Pumbaa and almost gave up a couple of times. But he is what he is.

 On Saturday January 5th  I tried drawing Elasticgril. I am not as pleased with her as I was with Mr. Incredible.

On Sunday January 6th I started Atta however I was not able to completely finish her until Monday after work.

Tuesday I found a little time to do a few easier quick drawings.   The Mouse on the right is Emile, Remy's younger brother.

 Wednesday I tried to challenge my self again.  For some reason I find the Lion King characters to be very challenging. Then again they are the last ones in the book so maybe that is what they are suppose to be.
Thursday I woke up sick to my stomach and ended up coming back home. After sleeping for a while I drew the last two figures from the Wall-E section. 

 Autopilot is where all of my grey colored pencils really paid off. This one makes me want to go back and redo EVE,

After taking another nap I drew Buzz light year. Getting the dome to look like it was there, was a challenge but I think it looks pretty good. 

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