Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Three a Day to Three Days to Finish One.

Over the weekend I had hope to do a little drawing however I came up with the idea of this blog instead. So my time went into putting all of this together. However I had started to draw Sully. Till about Monday I only had his head. And then I finally finished the body. Unfortunately I am still awful about knowing how to fit everything on the page. I was  afraid if I put the head too high the arms would not fit. I was so close! Just up a little more and I would of got the feet in just fine.

I did not stop and color Sulley one right away instead I started Scar. I actually started this one correctly with guide lines. 

...And that lasted a full 15 minutes before I reverted back just drawing the picture.


And then the final project.

There are times when I am drawing and things just flow and they feel good. I am amazed at every line that I draw and I can see that character just come alive. That is how I felt when drawing Scar. Then there are times that no matter what I do I just cannot get the picture to look how I want it to. That is how I felt when drawing Sulley.

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