Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lets start at the beginning.

A trip down memory lane....

My memory is a little hazy as to the exact time and place. However I am pretty sure it was at my grandparents house where I had seen an add.  It was one of the Draw Me and win. I recently looked up on the internet and found out that these characters were to get people to join the Art Instruction School. Which is still alive and running. I have learned there were many characters you could draw and send in but the one I remember the most was the turtle as seen here! I also drew the pirate. However I think the Turtle is better. 

Unfortunately the above pictures do not have a date on them so I am unsure in the time line of when I actually drew them. This next pictures however, not only do they have a date of 5-5-1980 The first one also has a little description, as follows.

"This is the first time I tried still life with shadows. It is a pad with a roll of papper and 2 small pencile."
(I left in the spelling errors that I had actually wrote ;)

Sorry these are hard to see.  They are actually done on the back of some scrap paper that looks like an itemized order of various items.  The one above on the left actually makes me laugh because obviously I had a sketch pad yet I was not using it. Instead I was using these scrap pieces of paper. 

These next two have the date of 5-6-80. I am obviously still not using a sketch pad yet.
The one on the right is the one I have remembered all these years. I thought there was a box of crackers in the pictures. However, in my memory I thought it was a box of Wheat Thins. I wonder if anyone remembers the Dixie's crackers. The picture on the left is titled "THE YOUNG ARTIST"

 This next picture again has no date. However since it has shading I only have to guess that it was drawn after the above pictures. I wold like to note it is actually in a drawing pad that once had 24 page but now only has 4. This is one of the four. The other three are the Draw Me pictures above and one that is an unfinished Quail. (not pictured)

While looking for my pictures I also came across two drawing books given to me or that I purchased. The one on the left as I flip through it I remember doing quite a few of the drawings. Unfortunately I do not know where those drawings may be. The book on the right I do not think I have ever used. The cartoons look old to me however the sticker on the back says is was from Craftmart and purchased for $3.95.  Which would be as early as 1983. 

This is the only picture I could find from the book above on the left. 
 Unfortunately it is incomplete and has no date. 

I remember in high school I taught myself to draw a bear. These look like some of my first drawings of these bears.  I still remember how to draw these and I often use the same face structure to do quick draws of animals in my own classroom.

I was obviously going for different seasons.  They are also seem to be one of my first times using color. 

This little mouse looks like a drawing I did on my own. Meaning I did not look at an object or picture to draw it. I recognize the face as the same face I use for the bears. It is on the same paper as the bears however I believe it was drawn after the bears above. But I am not completely sure of that. 

In 1986 I started to date my now husband. As gifts I would draw him pictures of things he liked. I know I once drew him a picture of Opus the penguin. And in 1988 I tried my first time of drawing faces. While looking at a poster I tried to draw this. I then had it framed and gave it to him. I wish I remember the exact occasion I gave it to him for. At the time I did not know about different pencils for shading so this is probably all done with a #2 pencil. 

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