Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 30 New Pencils.

I am still on the mission to learn to draw faces. Another thing I find hard to do is hands. However I seem to be doing better with hands and fingers and even find the kind of fun to do now.

Out of the Character Collection book today I decided to draw Lilo. I think she came out pretty good. The hard part was getting the grey highlights in her hair.

I then decided to take a little break from the Learn to Draw books and with what I learned the other day at the Academy at DCA and by looking at the Learn to Draw book on Amazon for Phineas and Ferb I tried drawing the 3 main characters.

I kind of like this picture where you can see some of my color pencils of to the side.

And for my last picture of the day I decided to draw Tigger's body. I think his arms look very weird but that is how they were in the book so I went with it.

I am frustrated with the pencils not being the color they say or not having the right color. For example the Perry int he picture above he is colored with the pencil that says green!!  So with a 50% coupon and  a gift card in hand I went to Michaels and purchased the 36 set.
 And I have to say these are expensive pencils but I feel they are worth every penny! They are very nice!! So the above the pictures I did go back and touch up a little with the new pencils.

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