Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 29th Pixar

Not feeling confident with the Princess book. It over whelms me for now. So I went to the Character Collection, which has many Pixar movies in it. I started with Wall-E. The down side of some of the Pixar characters is that they seem a little flat to me.  I also admit I do not follow directions very well. I started with the basic shape in step one and then skipped to step 3 and 4. The first picture below is what it was suppose to look like. But I just was not happy with that so I looked up the second picture from the internet and combined the two.
 This is my final project. Not exactly what the book shows but I like it. I do not feel I have the right color so I doubt I will be coloring it. 

Next I decide to try another face. So I picked Liguini and Remy from Ratatouille. 

I have been doing 3 pages a day in my sketch book so I did not want to stop that trend now. However, Wall-E, as well as Linguini and Remy where pretty challenging. So I thougt I would try a character not so challenging. 

To my surprise Mike turned out to be the most chalenging of the day. He is so round it was hard to get that persist round body and eye. 

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