Saturday, January 12, 2013

Summer 2012 Artist Cards

On a short vacation, I knew I would be waiting at airports and sitting on planes. So I purchased a few more of the art trading cards and inspired by some stickers my daughter had I started drawing and coloring owls.  I had fun designing the different owls and using different colors. 

On the back of each owl I wrote note. 
Top Left : I colored this one for my daughter as I waited on the 1st plane headed to seattle. 6/20/12
Top Middle:I colored this on the plane to Victoria. I was going for a patriotic feel. 6/20/12
Top Right: Inspired by the English Cottage we stayed at in Victoria. 6/21/12
Bottom Left: Inspired by the Art & Cultral Book of BC and the colorful wild flowers. I drew him while I sat in the car and while at the beach. 6/21/12
Bottom Middle: Just having fun with color. Didn't mean to make the center section a rainbow.  I just kept choosing colors that went together. It was not until I started coloring did I realize what I did. 6/22/12
Bottome Right: 30 colors! I bought a new ser of pencils for $1.00 at the $1 store in Canada and decided to try all 30 colors. Colored while waiting at airport in Canada.

The following week was Girl Scout Day Camp. The theme was Castaway. Wanting to do something more beach like I tried drawing some turtles.

 Then one day I tried my hand at a sunset reflecting off the water.

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