Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 3 Back to Disneyland

Today my Daughter and I went over to Disney California again for a few hours.  We mostly rode rides today. However, I did manage a few times while we sat, to do some drawing. We did visit some artist at Off the Page and Down Town Disney. I learned that the Disney artist also use Prismacolored pencils, I found that to be a pretty cool little fact.

On the way back from Disney I stopped off at the art store again to pick up a few colors I felt I still needed to do justice to my pictures. Then I practiced more using the blender to blend together colors.  Especially for Mr. Incredible. He is not a real red or an orange red that I had, but between the colors I had and using the blender marker I think I got a nice color match. I am extremely happy with they way his hands came out. The picture does not show it as well as I think it does in person. However I am very pleased with this one. 

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