Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 2 New Art Store

Well today I tried to draw a very interesting character. A character that is all white on a white piece of paper just does not work well. So I tried to shade using some of my grey colored pencils only to find out I really do not have the right colors. So I did the next best thing I colored the back ground.

Next I went to the back of my book and drew Simba. I'm having a little difficutly getting the characters centered on my page.

Flick makes my 25th page of my sketch book. I am quite pleased with this guy. To me he looks almost traced but I swear I did it all on my own!

I also found a new art store today, Utrecht.  When I was in Canada we went into this neatest art store by the airport. I was hoping this would be something like that. It was close. It is definitely and art store however and not a craft store. They have easels, paper and canvas, and then every color of every type of materials any artist might need. Their paint section reminded me of the Art Academy at Walt Disney World, with rows of pant tubes in every color.
I however focused on the pencil area. They sell the Prismacolor pencils individually which is sweet for me.  Right now they are on sale for nearly half the price of what I paid at Michaels. So after my frustration with Eve and not having the right grey I went and got a bunch of grey scale pencils. Luckily I had my handy Excel sheet and was able to know what colors I already had.
Later when I return with my teacher Id I will get another card and that card will give me 20% off all non sale items.  I will definitely be getting my pencils and other art supplies from here from now on. 

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