Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to my New Blog

I have dabbled in drawing for a while.  Well actually since I was quite little. I remember one summer while with my grandmother I would draw anything that stood still. One of my favorite drawings at the time was of my grandmother's tea cup with a tea bag hanging out of it.

I have been asked if I have taken classes before, and the answer is no. When I express my passion for drawing, many suggest I take a class. However I have always stayed clear because my biggest fear is someone telling me I'm doing it wrong. Frankly if I am doing it wrong who cares. I do it for fun.

This blog is a place for me share some of my drawings and some stories to go with my drawings. I recently found that by taking a picture of my drawings, it was like proof reading. I am able to see items I need to correct through the pictures. So it just seems logical now that I have all of these pictures to then share them here.

So enjoy.

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