Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slowing down

I tried another character from Cars. Lighting McQueen. He came out okay. But I chose not to color him  because I just do not think I could do it justice.

Last weekend was very busy, however I did find time to sketch a little. But I was not at home with my favorite lighting so I waited to color.

I have decided Cars are HARD!!!  I tried yet another Cars character  This time I timed Sally. She is not my favorite! I feel like she belongs in my beginning. section of my drawings.  But makes Lightning McQueen look pretty good!!

Finally I have a little time to sit and color. I am really enjoying having color added to my pictures. One would think with fifty-six colors I would have all of the colors I would need. But alas I do not. So I tried a little blending. Still not exactly right but not awful either.  

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